Cellar Door Skeptics 73: Team Tiny Dancer Life Anniversary


#73: Team Tiny Dancer Life Anniversary 
On this episode of  Cellar Door Skeptics, the crew gets personal with an update from their friend Jeremiah Bannister, co-founder of Team Tiny Dancer, and fellow podcaster.  He joins them to talk about life after Samantha’s Cancer and provide an update on Team Tiny Dancer.  Later the duo talks about what the America looked like before the EPA.  Also on the episode, Chris Squared express their appreciation for Museums and the education they provide, in a climate where the current administration is working to dismantle education. 
#ChildhoodCancer #TeamTinyDancer #EPA #Education #Museums

Cellar Door Skeptics 71: International Women’s Day / Rational Politics Project


#71: International Women’s Day / Rational Politics Project 
This week Cellar Door Skeptics dives into the celebration of women and activism with International Women’s Day.  The theme for this year was “Be Bold for Change” and Christopher interview Jennifer Beehan Director of CFI Michigan and Xandi Andersen board member of the Alabama ACLU, Clinic Defender, and new co-host on Promoting Secular Feminism.  After that Christopher will interview Gleb Tsipursky PhD Assistant Professor and founder of Intentional Insight including the Rational Politics Project.  They talk about his project to help correct and educate people who believe alternative facts.  The show will end with Chris and Christopher talking about if ghosts have been proven real and a quick look at an article about a Giant Neuron.
Xandi Andersen Promoting Secular Feminism Jennifer Beahan Center for Inquiry-Michigan (CFI) Intentional Insights Gleb Tsipursky
#AlternativeFacts #BeBoldForChange #Ghosts #Science #RationalPoliticsProject

Cellar Door Skeptics 68: Orwell vs Huxley / Humanity Values


#68: Orwell VS Huxley/Humanity Values
Is homeschooling a detriment to a child’s social development?  This week we will tackle if homeschooling is harming children or if it has become a tangible option given the recent nomination of Betsy Devos.  Then we will interview David Teachout, founder of Life Weavings and Humanity Values Podcast, as we talk about how his experience and degree’s make for an educational show.  We will then end on a discussion about Neil Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and we look at whether or not the future is closer to an Orwellian or Huxley perspective.
#Psychology  #JustinTrudeau #HumanityValues #1984 #HomeSchool #NeilPostman

Cellar Door Skeptics 65: The One that was Funny


#65: The One that was Funny
Ever wondered if Cellar Door Skeptics ever get to serious?  Well this episode we try to bring some humor to help lighten the mood now that Orange Sewer Monster has taken office.  This episode we discuss some of the best signs for the Women’s March last week.  We continue the episode with an interview with Mohamed Ibrahim author of the book “Muhammad by Mohamed” a satirical look at the “Great Prophet” from an ex-muslim.  We can not forget our #Science segment this week as we tackle an article about “If diet soda is actually going to kill you”.  The episode ends with a look at SNL and the transition of comedy with the writes between the generations.
#SNL #Mohammed #WomansMarch #DonaldTrump
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Cellar Door Skeptics 64: Cellar Door Spacemen


#64: Cellar Door Spacemen of Astronomy
On Tonight’s episode of Cellar Door Skeptics, we take another look at Dan Batcheldor  book “Astronomy Saves the World” while discussing some of Dan’s most recent projects he is working on.  If the word astronomy and PhD did not strike your fancy, we will travel back in time to look at the myth of whether or not sugar makes kids hyper.  Hanna then will take the show off the rails by proposing that Humans can run faster than Animals.  And to cap off this science extravaganza, we will tackle NIMBY: The Myth of a Free Utopia.  So sit back, relax, and let this episode warm your brain while feeding educational desires.
#Science #Astronomy #NIMBY #Evolution #ASTWorld #Sugar 

#14: Planned Parenthood and the Game of Life

LISTEN HERE: https://www.spreaker.com/embed/player/standard?episode_id=7543139&autoplay=false

This week Chris and Christopher dive into feminism and humanism to set the stage for our special guest, Xandi Anderson; who has been escorting people to Planned Parenthood locations and supporting the SCOTUS’s legalization of Gay Marriage. Then a mathematical model that could hold the key to life is analyzed; oh and they challenge a religious blogger, stick around, this might get messy.


This is a GIF of Conway’s Game of Life. It is a mathematical model that has been shown, through very simple rules, to possibly explain how inanimate elements controlled by the rules of physics could possible come to life. Click on it to see the WHOLE GIF its so worth it.

*Shivers with nerdiness wink emoticon

Episode 12: A Clockwork Obama

So yeah, late is fine but to disparage the party leader? DEATH! The Ministry of Love has a note for you, it says 2+2 is 5 and you should be quiet now.

Not Another Atheist Podcast

Apologies for the few days of being late, I (Keith) took on a second job and now have much less time during the week to be editing so it took me a few extra days to polish this one off. But now…

Episode 12!

We are back for yet another episode! We haven’t killed each other! Also, a kid build a bomb-clock and even though it actually had no bomb parts to it, he still got in trouble. Afterwards a woman finds out how good it feels having raspberry-christ jam sandwiches crammed down her throat. Then Jenn and Keith get a little conspiratorial…..

Wanna learn about Oliver North via American Dad? Check out this catchy jingle!







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