Episode 101: Christopher Columbus – The First Terrorist in America

AND THEY’RE BACK This one had the goods but that CRISPR, DAYUM

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

After a two week recharging period Chris and Chris are back in the Cellar Door Skeptics command center. Starting year three with the sinking of Christopher Columbus; there is really nothing else to do with that dark smear in American history. The new and improved format has two special personal and research segments this week. Chris Hanna dove Off the Deep End with his new episodic deep dive research segment on CRISPR and Chris Tanner ruminated on secular parenting featuring a remembered, heartfelt conversation with his daughter. And ending with CHIP and CHIPRA, Chris and Chris bashed and kicked their way through the absolute absurdity of Republicans throwing millions of poor and minority children off their healthcare plans.

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