About Me

As an active unbeliever in a world of woo I have decided to put down through word,s the rants and raves, the rage and the teeth gnashing, the grunts and shouts that scare my dogs.  I’ve never been a believer but was raised by a jew and a presbytarian paired with even more devout grand parents on both sides. From early I saw the hypocrisy, inconsistency, and most of all, the absurdity of a supernatural explanation of life, the universe, and everything.

In an attempt to create a brand or a name I’ve decided to include the two most derisive factors of my personality, my intrinsic and often abrasive personal philosophy and my almost complete deafness.  Deafness attributed to nerve damage from an unknown cause as a child.  I received a mechanical engineering degree and was a student athlete for my entire life, culminating in a short semi professional stint in Utica, New York.  Following a family emergency and drastic change of life possibilities therein I have refocused my education towards political secularism and the spread of awareness.  Awareness of moral and involved atheism in the United States Political System as well as the world.

I have created this page in hopes of finding intelligent evidence based arguments with people who do not revert to informal fallacy when confronted with logical arguments.   I simply require more than a token phrase, random verse, or requirement that it be taken on “faith”.  I seek people who have the ability to stay on topic so as to avoid a simple argument devolving into a galactic paradox due to a lack of capacity to explain a point past “my book says so”…

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