The Blind Facebook Algorithm is Eating Anti-Racism

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

An old post where I was disparaging racism and white nationalists was flagged on Facebook and I was banned for a day today and tomorrow… The following is a paraphrase of what was in the post…

Tucker Carlson recently espoused something frighteningly close to blatant white nationalism; he said: “Their goal is to change your country forever and they are succeeding by the way.”

That statement — “Their goal is to change your country forever” — is hideously close to the 14 words white supremacists and little Nazis like Stephen Miller like to spout.

14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

If this is the country they want, I would agree with Tucker. My goal is to change this country forever to one where bitter old men don’t decide it’s fine to abuse brown people and children. If that’s what he…

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Off the Deep End with Chris Hanna: Gravitational Waves

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

A deep dive into the Nobel Prize winning LIGO discovery of gravitational waves, confirming Einstein’s predictions from his Theory of General Relativity. Is this segment Chris Hanna explains the detectors, LIGO and aLIGO, as well as a rudimentary explanation of the physics necessary to measure these ripples in Space-Time.

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Episode 101: Christopher Columbus – The First Terrorist in America

AND THEY’RE BACK This one had the goods but that CRISPR, DAYUM

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

After a two week recharging period Chris and Chris are back in the Cellar Door Skeptics command center. Starting year three with the sinking of Christopher Columbus; there is really nothing else to do with that dark smear in American history. The new and improved format has two special personal and research segments this week. Chris Hanna dove Off the Deep End with his new episodic deep dive research segment on CRISPR and Chris Tanner ruminated on secular parenting featuring a remembered, heartfelt conversation with his daughter. And ending with CHIP and CHIPRA, Chris and Chris bashed and kicked their way through the absolute absurdity of Republicans throwing millions of poor and minority children off their healthcare plans.

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Cellar Door Skeptics 100: Our 2 Year Anniversary

Two whole years, we didn’t kill each other, and man that’s a lot of hangovers. whew. LETS TO IT AGAIN!

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

Cellar Door Skeptics is turning 2 years old this week, and we wanted to celebrate it with everyone. As this year concludes, we are grateful for all the support that you have given us over the past two years. This show will focus on the new direction that we are taking along with a new format that will be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. Also we wanted to reflect on the how we as individuals have changed. We examine what views of ours have changed along with if there were things we got wrong. In closing we will be talking about the charity of choice that we will be donating to this year in hopes to make an impact within our own local community.

Join us this week as we celebrate, reflect, and prepare for the ongoing revolution!

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Cellar Door Skeptics #97: Web of Resistance

All your webs are belong to us. #Resist

Cellar Door Skeptics Podcast

Cellar Door Skeptics is back with a few changes as they are now recording remotely but with better equipment. This episode will focus on the discussion about protests and which is the better protest method or if there is even one protest method that can be used. They look at the resistance, read scientific articles, and spend two segments fleshing out their thoughts on protests and demonstrations. Later they dive into the discussion about nanomachines and how they can affect cancer. The duo looks at two articles that are both linked through the scientific article that studies the use of nanomachine technology to kill off cancer cells and what this means for the future of humanity. The show closes out by discussing if there is a link between climate change, increasing temperatures in the world, and hurricanes. Surprisingly the science shows one thing, but the team discusses what it means…

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